elektricheska firma
elektricheski instalacii
ventilacionni instalacii
laboratoria za elektro ismervania
ceni na elektro uslugi i instalacii

electrical installations 220V - 20kV, HVAC ventillation systems, licenced electrical laboratory

The company specilices in instalation, service, comitioning of electrical and ventilacion sistems.
The company is licenced from the Ministry of Economy and Energy
(http://www.mi.government.bg/eng/) for comisioning electical systems low voltage as well as electrical system high voltage - 20kV, licence No.1388/09.03.1998
It is licenced from DNSK (http://www.dnsk.mrrb.government.bg/) as Licenced Laboraty for Electrical measurments.
REM GROUP 1 is preparing now ISSO 9001.

Download information on some of the projects REM GROUP 1 has been working

Tel for more information regarding electrical services: 0888.888228, 0899.012493, e-mail: info@remgroup1.com
Our office is located in Lozenetz distr., Sofia, 23-28Midzhur str.

electrical service sofia

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